About Us

We have been in the reef-hobby business for over 3 decades now—36 years plus, to be exact. We have a track record of operating an aquarium-related retail operation and running a wholesale importer of marine fish and aquarium-related dry goods business. We have also had the fortune of working in the beautiful state of Hawaii, where we ran an active collection business. In addition to this, we also have great experience building custom tanks and sumps.

Constrained by the outrageous pricing of UV aquarium lighting, we were thrust into the business when we realized that we could offer high-quality products at far more attractive price points. You can be confident knowing that you will not find better retail pricing or better quality than what we have to offer here. At the end of the day, our main focus is to revolutionize the UV bulb industry by bringing you outstanding products at extremely attractive prices. That is our ultimate goal.